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1990 Ford Taurus Question: Heater core

How much should it cost to replace the heater core -
Answer 1
8 labor hours is standard. Multiply that by shops labor rate. $68 X 8 $544.00 -
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We have already had a mechanic check out everything from the heater core to the radiator and hoses and the heater should work but doesn't. Air from outside works cool...
...heat but the airconditioner works great. I have no leaks within my coolant system nor does the heater core leak, I have been told y morre than 2 repair shops that my heater core might be clogged. How d...
can anyone give me a detailed picture of how to replace a heater core
...olent has been up kept and that goes with all fluids as well so for it to work do i need a new heater core??
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