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2001 Ford Expedition Question: heater core

How hard is it to replace a heater core? Every ploace IU have checked wants at least $500.00 -
Answer 1
There's a reason it costs that much, thats why you're getting the same price everywhere you look. -
Answer 2
you have to take out instrument panel, -
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I realize that you can get some poor quality parts, but I have replaced the heater core four times in the past year, now it is leaking again. Am I missing something stupid????
can you just clamp off the hose to the heater core
I dont have coolant flowing through the heater core therefore no heat, why?
...) confirmed blend door is working perfectly, (3) confirmed that both inlet/output tubes to the heater core on the firewall are hot, (4) torn apart the dash and confirmed that the heater core itself is...
...ion is blowing cold air when the heater is one, i have already replaced the thermostat and the heater core appears okay.