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2004 Volkswagen Passat Question: Heater Control Valve



Billy1234, Minneapolis, MN, January 09, 2011, 15:03

My Wife's Passat quit providing heat to the passenger compartment. All contol panel functions seem to function, the engine temperture gauge is at a steady 190 degrees and the coolant level is up to minimunm in the reservoir. I am guessing a heater control valve is the next likely culprit. The vehicle has 75,000 miles and all other interior electronics appear to be operational. Question: Is this a dealer required service or can a independent shop diagnosis and make the necessary repairs? I no longer have the time and tools to work on this car?

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    January 09, 2011, 16:22

    This car has computer controlled heat and A/C, so a computer scan of the climate control is in order. I can find no heater control valve part listing for this car, so most likely it has a blend door actuator that directs the air over the heater core, and it may not be doing that. 190 is actually a bit cool for this car, they usually run more like 210, almost at boiling.
    And yes, a good German car shop that works on VW or Audi could handle this issue very well.


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    Billy1234, January 09, 2011, 17:58

    Thanks for the reply, I knew this problem would be beyond my basic knowledge. I bought the car new and I only drive it when my wife is having issues. A freezing wife forces me to have the heater fixed, Minneapolis area is too cold to not have a heater working. VW shop will be my first stop tomorrow. I should have put in my original problem description that this is a V6 4-Motion Passat.

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