Heater blows cool air. on 2006 Ford Taurus

Why isn't my heater working? The blower works. But the air is cool. The thermostat is okay, it seems. The car doesn't run hot. I was told that it's the (Accuator)??? HELP!!!

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Someone has told you the temperature blend door actuator (or motor) is not working properly. But this isn't for sure the case -- just one possible answser. To see if this is a likely cause, move your temperature selector around a bit and see if you start hearing a clicking noise within the dash, slow and repetitive. If so, then you have an issue with the blend door motor or the plenum box itself.

No noise in the dash doesn't eliminate a possible blend door actuator issue, but does not confirm it either. Do you have the digital temperature control or the manual knobs? If you have digital, you could have a temperature sensor issue. Aside from those issues - what have you done to confirm the thermostat is okay? The thermostat should open and close as needed to keep the engine running at optimum temperature. A stuck open thermostat will never lead to an overheating issue, but may never let the engine get warm enough to generate enough heat through the heater.

Good luck!
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There's an actuator motor that controls airflow through the heater core, this must be what they are talking about. You'll need to see what part of the system is not working properly, could be the actuator, wiring or the controller.