2001 Volkswagen Passat Q&A

2001 Volkswagen Passat Question: Heater blows cold

checked fuses only -
Answer 1
check your anti freeze level and replace t stat -
Answer 2
I agree with gg, also the heater core may need flushing out. -
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My 2000 passat is blowing cold air, ac works, coolant system flush completed, both hoses to fire wall get hot. Car does not overheat when driving.
we replaced cabin filter because you could here it blowing but not much coming out-now lots of cold done there,.
Just had heater core flushed out. I now have warm air blowing from heater/defroster when I am moving. When I stop car and not moving, the heater/defroster air blows cold.
Repair pal screen says yes, but my dealer service advisor says no. He claims it is direct flow to the heater core, and there is no heater control valve.
new thermostat,water pump.