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1992 Ford F-150 Question: Heater Blower

All of a sudden I can't get my blower to work at any speed, any temp, or any position. I replaced the blow motor resistor, but still nothing! I changed the fuse, and all hoses from heater core are hot as well. What could the problem be now? Is it the motor itself or maybe just the switch? -
Answer 1
Could be the blower itself, but pull apart that plug to the resistor again and have a close look. Any damage or burn marks on the terminals or connector? Often times the connector is damaged. -
Comment 1
I rechecked the wires to the resistor and motor, they seem to be fine. Today I changed out the blower switch as well and still nothing. Also, I tried a trick soomeone suggested... running a direct wire from the battery to the motor. But still nothing!!! It's got to be the motor right? -
Comment 2
Yes; or a ground. Because even if you provide direct power, if there is no ground...you have no motor function. -
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