Heater and AC intermitent on 1998 BMW 323i

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My 323i convertable heater and AC intermitentily works. The panel lights on the controls go out then come on with no other symptoms relating to it. Please help.
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Billbo, Do you figure the intermittent heater/ac out? We have the same problem with the same car.
Haven't figured it out yet. I hope some one has seen this and figured it out. Please help people.
this can be fixed by replacing a resistor on the circuit board in the a/c control panel box or by getting one that has been rebuilt by someone in this way, this is a problem on my 1998 M3 also. it is a simple panel to get in or out by first pushing out the trip computer from below/behind, then pushing this panel out from below/behind and unhooking the two wire bundle connectors. trade it in at a used BMW parts place or open it yourself and try to re solder a new resistor from radio shack in the circuit board per internet available instructions.
You say pushing out the trip computer from below and behind and pushing out thea/c control panel from below and behind.

My question is below and behind what on each of these and how do I identify these computer panels. Sorry about my ignorance but please help.

Thanks, BILL