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2006 Chrysler Crossfire Question: heater a/c fan not working

The fan that blows air for the heater no longer is working. At first, it began making this high pitched whining sound, then it stopped working completely. I'm wondering if it's the fan itself or if it might be some other part that casued it to do that. Anyone with knowledge on what it is that's wrong, how much it would cost, and if I can fix this fairly easily myself? -
Answer 1
Sounds like bearing went out, check estimator link for estimate and do not know your mechanical abilities to see if you can fix. -
Comment 1
Only items on estimator are for heater blower motor or the resistor. Not much of a mechanic; can do basic maintenence and if something is easy to access and fairly quick to fix with typical tools, I can figure it out. But engine overhauls are not my thing. -
Comment 2
That is the blower motor. -
Comment 3
Where is it located in the car? -
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A problem with the blower motor resistor can cause the heater blower motor to be inoperative (no air will blow from the heater vents). Proper diagnostic is needed to determine the cause.