heater on 1995 Buick Riviera

had a friend remove the factory radio and tried to put in an after market radio in it, which had removed the dash in doing so well after he was done could not get it to work and ruined the wiring harnes for the radio, but after reconecting everything else the heater will not blow out of the dash panels and can not be controlled from there but will blow out of the defroster vents an floor . do u know what has happened .

thanks for ur time


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Your friend broke something. ;)

First step is to figure out if its a mechanical or electrical problem? Can you hear the fan running when you set it and no air comes out? Or does nothing happen?
The heat used to work now it doesn t blow, it comes out only with defrost but slightly. The computer says its coming out with the fan showing it blowing but no heat. The car says electrical problem how do I fix this?
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he forgot to hook up a very small eighth inch vaccuum tube to a small diaphram