heater on 2005 Mazda RX-8

Dealer says short in my heater and gave me an enormous estimate Sometimes heater works ok and sometimes just blows cold air Whats ur solution and how much should it cost?

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"Short in my heater" is a vague diagnosis and probably not accurate. Find a Mazda specialist or an auto electrical shop and get a second opinion. I think it's possible that the control unit is failing, but nobody could really say unless he diagnosed the system and came up with a malfunction.
No idea what it'd cost but shops usually estimate in an agreed number of labor hours to find and diagnose your problem. then you know what it'll cost to fix it.
Here's a directory link for you:
It was Mazda dealership tech who diagnosed.Also recently had motor mounts replaced. Was reading could be related what do u think?
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Sounds more like a loose plug or cracked cable, which ive solved on other manufacturers too. a short to heater would keep it burnt fully and forever, never seen a e-motor or heater "running sometimes" when theres a short in it.