Heater on 2000 Ford Explorer

My heater has stopped working in my 2000 Ford Explorer. Does some have the answer to why the heat is not working when you turn it own? Only cold air comes out. The defrost works and the air conditioner. Will it cost a lot to get repaired?

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There are a couple of reasons why your heat may not be working.
1 - Low coolant, your heater core is last thing in the coolant circuit to recieve coolant.
2 - Stuck open Thermostat
3 - Heater Blend doors not operating correctly.
It is easy to determine wether the problem is inside the car or not. Check your coolant when engine is cold. If it is full, then let engine come to operating temp. and feel the two hoses coming out of the firewall. Caution, they should be HOT., if both are hot, then the problem lies inside the car, if one or neither are hot then the problem is in the coolant circuit.
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