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1997 Ford Explorer Question: heater

is there a heater control fuse on my 97 explorer 4.0 heater was working fine then all at once no heat just cool air. -
Answer 1
there's not fuse for the heater core is not an electrical part is a mechanical part if its clog you will get no heat -
Answer 2
You have electrical actuator the opens & closes what is called a blend door. You probably have a bad actuator or a bad blend door itself. this just a guess. -
Answer 3
What you are experencing is common for Ford light trucks( Explorer, Ranger). The blend door actuater has a square peg that mates with a socket in the blend door itself. Over time, the plastic socket on the door becomes brittle and cracks, thus no longer mating with the peg. I have repaired several doors by accessing the blend door and the broken piece( it doesn't go far, it's traped in the HVAC box) and using epoxy and two very small zip ties. You will have to drill two small holes for the ties. Unfortunatly the HVAC box is accessed by removing the instrument panel( dash board) -
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