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2000 Chrysler 300M Question: heat/cooling

ran internal diagnostic on heat.code came back 23.problem is no heat.what is code 23?thanks -
Answer 1
Customer Concern: No heat and code 23 in the Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) system. Tests/Procedures: 1. Check for voltage across the driver wires (Brown/White wire and Dark Blue/Red wire) at the blend air door actuator while running a self-diagnostic test. To run self-diagnostics, press and hold the floor, mix, and defrost buttons for 3-5 seconds. 2. If at least 10 volts when going through the diagnostic test, but no change in temperature, the actuator is faulty. Potential Causes: Blend Air Door Actuator Calibration Wiring Tech Tips: Code 23 is for the blend air door actuator. Diagnostic Codes: 23 -
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You have a bad blend air door actuator. -
Answer 2
my 300m heater or ac dont turn on at all do i have replace it -
Answer 3
on our 2000 300 M ,,,How do I run a diagnosis check on my heat /ac system. I have not much heat in the cab. Engine temp is fine. mas1487us@yahoo.com -
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I have no heat.seems that the duct does not switch over from cool to heat.Is there something besides thermostat and heatercore that I can change to solve this problem?
Tried diagnostic check, didn't show anything. Heater hoses are hot, but bottm radiator hose is cool. Heat guage is just below center of scale
on our 2000 300 M ,,,How do I run a diagnosis check on my heat /ac system. I have not much heat...
I ran the heat diagnosti test and got a 36 code. of course its the only code not listed on chrysler website.my problem is no heat.can someone tell me what the code means?