Heat/AC fan speed only works on high on 2003 Toyota RAV4

Everything worked fine one day and then the next the only setting that works is high. No sound from the other settings at all.

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Replace or have the blower motor 'resistor' replaced.
Thanks a lot for the help. I will give that a try this weekend and see what happens.
U welcom, NAPA part # BR-242. It is located near the blower fan itself. When this part fails, default is high speed only! Not a difficult install, once you see the part.
Was not able to replace the part because the local NAPA dealer did not have it in stock. Will have to order it and it should be here sometime this week.
99.7° sure this will take care of it.
Replaced the part and all 4 settings work now. Thanks again for your help, it was greatly appreciated!