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2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: Heat is blowing on passenger side, but cold air is blowing on driver side

When I turn on the heat, the passenger side is receiving warm/hot air but drivers side is receiving cold air. -
Answer 1
My 2002 Ram with the 4.7L V8 is doing the same thing. I will let you know if I find the problem. -
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The blend door is broken and is in need of replacement, very common in that truck. They will tell you it takes 5 to 7 hrs labor, but I did mine myself in about 2&1/2 to 3 hrs. no fun at all. I replaced the cracked dash while I had it out. patsr -
Answer 2
i have the exact problem on my 2002 dodge ram, if u find out the problem let me know...and i will do same -
Answer 3
Wow, mine is doing the same thing. Anyone that can help with this would be much appreciated... 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Air conditioner works on both sides, cold air Heater only blows heat on passenger side, blows cold on drivers side -
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what is is there is a door that was designed for dual climate control inside the dash....even if you may not have dual climate control you still have the door for it and it fails...it takes at least 8 hours as you have to take almost the whole dash out to get at it -
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Do you happen to know witch actuator -
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it is not the blend door .the blend door controls the blending of inside and outside air intake only. -
Answer 4
I have the problem listed above. A/C works fully but no heat on driver's side only on passenger's side. -
Answer 5
its the blend door actuator -
Answer 6
I had the same problem Iwas told by dealer ship that they have problems with t he blend doors braking inside the heater box wich you 'd have to remove the dash. I removed my dash and heater box to find nothing wrong.But what I did find was that the heater core was clogged. you don't have to remove the dash to flush it, remove both 5/8 heater hoses going through fire wall under hood use a garden hose to back flush heater core DON'T USE FULL PRESSURE spray into 1 side of heater core until water runs through freely then do the other( back and forth) then this should fix -
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i tried this and it didnt work . took dash out and checked all act.doors couldn't find anything wrong . ac works on drivers side not on passenger side .just the apposite on heat . i will say that once your on highway for a bit you start getting some heat out of driver side. -
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this millenia chevy truck having same problem, thought some internal control problem, but will try the hose flush, even though I don't see why both sides aren't affected the same way. -
Answer 7
yes I had the same problem on my 2002 dodge ram took the dash apart removed heater box nothing was broken, the heater core was half clogged,the way it sits in the heater boxd, the front 1/2 of the heater core goes to the pass side 3 vents the other 1/2 goes to drivers 2 vents,I have single zone heat in truck but all dodge heater boxes are universal for both types of heat dual & single zone. I would suggest before removing the dash, remove to 5/8 heater hoses going to heater core under hood (fire wall) and back flush heater core with garden hose NOT FULL PRESSURE spray into heater core 1 side than the other back and forth till it runs freely. my hoses were hard to get off I had to use razor blade and slice hoses the long ways to get off theres still enough hose to slide back over and clamp,also i do agree with other people the blend doors do break but it sounds like you have the same problem I did bleading the air out took a little while KEEP AN EYE ON TEMP GAGE AND COOLANT LEVEL after starting.I've never had my heat so hot since i've owned this truck -
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thanks that fixxed it you're not a rookie -
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I couldn't beleived this fixxed it -
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i have the same problem in 2001 mitshubishi eclipse -
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Thanks! This worked for me too! Although I'd like to add that you can just remove the heater hoses from the closer ends instead of at the firewall. This way you can more easily get the water into the hoses. This whole process only took me about 15 minutes, and my heat is like NEW AGAIN! Amazing! I'm sure a repair shop would have gouged me big time and said it was a heater core or something expensive. Thanks again! -
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I'm currently having the same problem with my 2003 Honda Accord. I hope with what is said on here it will fix my car as well im tired of not having heat on both sides. Hopefully I wont screw up anything because I'm completely new at this but its better then spending more money which I dont have. Thanks again -
Answer 8
switch the heater hoses i have dodge ram 3500 had the same problem switched the heater hoses and it worked fine.4/8/2012 -
Answer 9
I,m looking to find the answer to this -
Answer 10
my truck is a 2003 dodge ram 2500 diesel. I had the same issue with my truck blowing hot air on the passengers side mostly. when I initially turned on the heat it would blow hot air on the drivers side and it would get cold right away. about a week ago I added stop leak in the radiator against my sons advise. after reading some answers here I flushed out the heater core by attaching a garden hose to one end and letting the other end open to clean out. initially it was coming out ok but then it clogged up and blew out the gunk that I had put in to stop a leak that I thought the motor had. the heater works just fine now. I called the company and they were willing to pay for a heater core replacement if that did not fix the problem. -
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mine is doing the same thing but, need the a/c to work now that it summer now. did it affect your a/c is it did your heat. I have it a part now to the where I can see that all actuator are working and can that blended door are working through the main vent. -
Answer 11
heater core is clogged.. flush it! -
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