Heat is blowing but is not getting even the slightest bit warm on 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

Are there any dealers or auto centers that conduct a FREE inspection for this type of problem...?

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Customer Concern: The air from the heaters never gets hot enough. When performing the actuator recalibration procedure, the air gets super hot, but after the calibration, it is only warm heat at best.
Average Reported Mileage: 128129
Tests/Procedures: 1. Put the control head into calibration.

2. When calibration is done, push the washer button twice to enter the blend potentiometer test.

3. The button will flash at a set rate. When the temperature slide is moved hot to cold, the flash rate will increase or decrease with slide movement.

4. If it does not, replace the control head.
this will apply if the buttons are blinking on the dash.

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not really. there time is money and a diag costs money.

it could be low coolant, bad thermostat, heater core clogged or a failed water pump.