Heat does not work on 2006 Nissan Titan

Blower works but no hot air comes out. The hot water circulates through it.

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Problem Description: No regulation of hot to cold on climate control system. in this case cold only. With engine running at operating temp. check temp with hand on both sides of the eleteric heater control valve, both should be hot with heater. With heater off one side should be hot (Drivers) and other cooler. The eletric heater valve has two wires that run a motor that operates the water valve. when switching to hot you will see battery voltage accross the two with a meter on voltage scale make a note of positive voltage (+) or negative (-). The voltage will only be present while valve is moving then it will go open. When you switch the temperature control to cold your meter will show battery voltage again while the motor is moving, it will be the opposite polarity as when moving to cold. Signal present + in one direction and - in the other. hot water only on the one side of the valve. Replace heater valve. (Note valve came with both hoses from Nissian little tougher job.) Dissasembled heater valve and found door binding eno

Vehicle Description: 2006 Nissan Titan LE 5.6L, GAS, USA/Canada

Category: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Temperature Control

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since is a 2006 it should not be the heater core it could be a blender door actuator or motor in the air blender box
I had the same issue. It is being fixed under extended warranty. Going from Florida to Va many times during the year made this a real problem.
My truck heater was doing the same thing I simply turned the mixer control towards the blue or colder setting by about 3-4 clicks and the heat started blowing hot again. I suspect the control is defective but as long as I know where to set it I will leave it alone.
Had the same issue and after all the research I have done, I was relieved to find this one! My heater would barely blow warm air, and in NE Utah this is no good! By moving the heater dial back toward cold a couple of clicks my heater works amazingly well and gets HOT very quickly! Thank you!