Heat control valve leak on Chevrolet G Series Van (G30)

Average mileage: 118,000 (118,000–118,000)
1 model year affected: 1992
1 person reported this problem
1 person shared problem details
I had a mysterious leak of coolant. It was winter and I was losing coolant. I could fill the coolant up drive, forever w/heat on and check the coolant and it was fine. I would check the coolant before starting the truck and it would be half empty. I have the habit of turning everything off in the vehicle before turning off the car, especially in the winter when I know it is hard to start in the AM. I turn off the heat. The heat control valve for my rear heat was open while driving, heat on, and the valve did not leak but when I shut down the valve would close and leak in that position. I park on grass so I did not see any puddle of coolant. When in a parking lot the valve was still in the open so, no leak. I notice coolant on the frame and that gave it away. Replaced the valve and no more leak.
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