Heat and A/C Fan on 2002 Ford Taurus

Turned the fan on to get some heat and the fan would not come on.

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You have a failed blower motor resistor, or a failed blower motor. Of course, check any applicable fuses first.
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Get your test light and see of the fan motor is getting power and has ground. If so, and it doesn't run, it's failed. If there's no ground circuit, trace it back to the ground point, if there's ground and no power, trace power circuit back to the switch. Or test the switch first, if there's no pwer to the blower. It's most likely the switch or the motor. there's a resistor involved for the different fan speeds, it may be bad but usually it'll run only on HIGH when the resistor fails. If you can't figure it out, go to a ford specialist or an auto elelctric shop.
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change the heater blower motor resistor.that part averages about $15 at local auto parts stores
blower motor.water leaks into motor at fresh air intake r/s under windshield.