Hearing a tapping noise from top of the motor! on 2007 BMW 525i

Im hearing a tapping noise from the top of the motor when car is idiling ! Had car service to my local BMW Dealership , pushrods and lifters were changed! car has 60,000 miles on it . Strated car today ,can hear the sound again ! Can anyone help me ?

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This is a common problem on the N52 engine. There are improved parts to fix this problem. Check your invoice and see if the Hydraulic Valve Lifter's part # is: 11 33 7 605 330. These are the new design. Vehicles produced prior to 10/1/2008 will require the new parts. I hope that's what they used during the repair.
When you said push rods I think you meant rocker arms.
Now some questions:
Did they replaced all 12 exhaust valve lifters?
Will the noise disappear after the engine warms up?
Did you buy the car new? How often did you get oil and filter change?
Do you know what oil weight the BMW dealer used? Is it 10W30? This should be on your invoice.