2000 Lexus GS300 Q&A

2000 Lexus GS300 Question: Heard a break or snap around passenger back wheel driving on a carwash ramp.

The car has a really bad clinking sound. A light came on for a while but when I turned the car off the light went off and hasn't came back on. I don't recall what the light was but the clicking sound started about a week or so after that. I took it to the Toyota dealer since we have no Lexus dealer here. They first said needed brakes which worked a little while. I took it back and then they said shims which worked about 2 days. I'm afraid to take it back to them without knowing exactly what's going on. -
Answer 1
If Toyota mechanic can't fix it, we can't be much help as we can not look at it. Go back and say hey, it is still making a noise! -
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I just wanted to know what it could possibly be so that when I go back I can tell them what I think it is. They are doing a whole lot of guessing. But thank you for your time. -
Answer 2
return and tell them you still have issues and they should do some kind of insp again for free -
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Thank You. -
Answer 3
try a shop that specializes in performance vehicles. lexus and toyota don't even belong in the same class. one luxury, other economy. it makes a difference. -
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Thank you. I will try that. -