Headliner on 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

So I bought this wonderful beetle, but it has a few cosmetic issues. I thought I was just going to buy a new headliner, but it turns out they are hard to find and expensive. So my next step is to fix it. I want to just take off the fabric from the backing and put on a cute fabric. My question is what type of fabric should I use and what kind of spray glue should I use? I'm worried if I use a typical spray glue I will get wet spots! And if I don't use the right type of fabric it won't look right! Help!

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You are right about it being costly!
Re-covering it in place sounds tough.The entire thing comes out in one piece , through the rear hatch. The various panels that butt against the headliner need to be loosened or removed to get it clear.
I've used 3M trim adhesive , yellow glue or the spray on type for similar projects.
The down side is it always looks "lumpy"..........