2005 Buick Rainier Q&A

2005 Buick Rainier Question: headlights wont turn on

yesterday my headlights just wouldnt turn on never had a problem with them took it to the shop had the bulbs and fuses checked nothing wrong but the headlights still wont come on high beams work runnning lights work but headlights will not come on please help -
Answer 1
Could be a bad light switch or a relay. Zee -
Answer 2
I have the same problem. After a trip to the dealer we were told that we needed to replace the fuse block assay under hood, quote was $532.72 for the part. Along with that we would also need a high mount lamp $187.95, a marker lamp bulb $1.46, a water pump $195.66, coolant $25.75 and a thermostat $64.81. With labor, the quote came to just around $2,000.00. After pricing the parts on line the savings was just shy of $400.00 not including labor. Online parts were genuine GM parts. Hope that helps you out. Good luck. -