1997 Hyundai Accent Q&A

1997 Hyundai Accent Question: Headlights staying on, can't switch them off. Removing relay has no effect.

basically, my headlights won't turn off on my 97 hyundai accent. i've had one flat battery as a result, and since then i have to pull the 30A fusible link from the fuse box if i want to be able to start the car again in the morning. first port of call: replace the stalks/switches. i accidentally bought two replacement switches due to a mix-up, and neither fixes the problem. the problem continues even when no stalk is installed... second thought: dodgy relay. this is where it gets weird: the lights stay on even with the relay removed, which defies logic to my mind. it makes no sense to me at all. i have no idea where to go from here in terms of diagnosing the problem. any suggestions most welcome! -
Answer 1
Most likely there is an electrical draw get the car in and we will check it for you -