Headlights Not Working on 2001 Chevrolet Impala

The car has auto headlamps, they turn on & off automatically. We can not get the headlights to turn on, we have running lights. I have checked the bulbs all ok, I tried to turn on manually buy the switch. I wasn't sure if there is a module or someting I can't see that is bad? Has anyone else had or having this problem,or any suggestions. Thanks "BLIND IMPALA"

by in Cincinnati, OH on October 13, 2010
0 answers
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horn is not working, full light don't work night time,during day time lights stays on during night they don't work can you tell me why. thanks.
Door locks aren't working radio space says "locked" gauges don't want to function. headlights went suddenly went out tonight while driving
Turn on the headlights, (low beam) drivers side works excellent. Passenger side dimly lights both high and low beams. Turn it to high beam, drivers side highbeam lights, low beam, dimly lights. ...
I'm having issues with my horn not blowing, my gear shifter is stuck in park (had this fixed maybe 2mths ago and now it's out again) , my passenger headlight has went out for the second time in 3 m...
When my headlights come on automatically, or manually, the interior lights are off. Every once in a while they come back on while driving, but then may not come back on the next time I drive it. ...

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