Headlights not turning on on 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

Every few months the headlights in my car will not go on. They will normally go on automatically at dusk but when this happens I can't even turn them on manually. My high beams won't even work unless I hold it in position. It will take several minutes of me switching them on and off for them to finally turn on. Any idea why this is happening?

First, pull back on your multifunction switch "flash to pass". Does the high beams come on? If so, then the multifunction switch is operational. A scan tool capable of reading body modules must be used to retrieve any diagnostic trouble codes coming from your lighting control module. The lighting control module has been an issue in this model.
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My car had 64600 miles on it and the headlights started going out while driving, which can be very dangerous. The problem is in the Light Control Module which is an expensive part (around $500 to $600 + labor). Apparently this is a common problem for this car around this mileage and age (6 yrs old). Ford denies there is any problem. Found 26 complaints about this on another website.

People owning this car should be aware of the problem and be prepared for it. Headlights do come back on if you turn the headlight switch back and forth, or stop and let it cool down for a few moments.
Bearmug, I found someone who sells LCMs for your lighting problem, Module Repair Pro. INC. email: I ordered the part and replaced it myself in 30 minutes.
Take your car to the Lincoln/Mercury dealer. Ford has a Consumer Satisfaction Letter covering the Lighting Control Module and will replace it free (as they did for me for my 2004 Grand Marquis)or reimburse you for the expense if you had it done already. The LCM has an extended warranty 15 years or 250,000 miles.