Headlights do not work. on 2002 Buick Century

My high beams work when I use the multifunction device, but I cannot get my low beams on at all. Is this definitely the multifunction switch or is there anything else that could be causing this? Most sources I have came across point towards it being a default wiring in the multifunction lever. Just wanna make sure I buy the correct part. Thanks!

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ck pwr at both bulbs to start with if you have pwr repl both bulbs
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Don't rule out the by chance that both low beam headlights could be burnt out.
I don't think that's the problem, I just replaced the bulbs not two months ago.
Well you probaly will need to have the mulitifuntion switch replaced....so there again it might be worth your trouble to double check the bulbs. We have recently had some comeback failures of new bulbs we have installed.