Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Head Lights Dim, Check Engine Light On

(13 reports)

A faulty Electric Load Detector (ELD) can cause the head lights to dim and/or illuminate the Check Engine Light. A failed ELD will require replacement.

Same problem. Lights go dim and then go bright they vary. Haven't noticed the check engine light coming up. -
Not fixed yet. -
Headlights have been dim since I bought the car 7 years ago!! Bought it used -
Headlights are dim STOCKTON HONDA said the lamp covers were dirty I should have them cleaned -
Dim headlights -
As we are driving the lights and anything Electric goes wild and blinks to. It sucks alot becuase when it rains it makes it hard to see. they honestly honda needs to realize they need to fix this problem becuase one day someone is going to be killed by this. I love my car but this is a dislike turnoff to much cost in it to fixing it. voltage goes high and low. -
extremely low headlights. -
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