headlights come on when on auto and jeep is off on 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

sometimes at night the headlights will come on when the jeep is turned off switch is on auto

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The last one I did with the same symptoms was a 2005 Suburban. Traced the problem to the under hood fuse/relay box. Had to replace it, was shorting the same way with the high beams. The jeep is called a totally integrated power module. Please have it diagnosed first, your module will have to be programmed before it will work, doesn't mean this will fix your Jeep.
thanks gt could it be the sensor on the dash
Don't think so; Thought that on the other one, checked switch, sensor, wiring to the BCM and out of the BCM to fuse box. While testing wiring realizes something else was activating and was shorted to head light circuit. WA LA headlights came on as well. Hope it helps.
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lights in jeep stay on and lights out side dont come on and windows dont work