headlights on 2005 Volkswagen Beetle

how do you change the driver's side headlight?

by in Saluda, SC on September 03, 2010
0 answers
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how do i replace the right side headlight low beam
1991 headlight removal complete and new headlight installation. Please note 1991 not 1998. It would not accept 1991
Sorry that I did not make myself more clear. We did change the headlight bulb no problem. The problem is fitting the whole headlight assembly back into the car. We cannot get the lever that is i...
Can I replace the front headlight or do I have to take it to a dealership? How much does it cost? Does the low beam use a different bulb than a high beam? What size bulb is needed?
Why on earth would VW design a headlight that is nearly impossible to change out.I may have to pay a shop or VW $100 or more because of the work involved.I removed the battery and air cleaner housi...

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