Headlights on 2001 Ford Taurus

Headlight switch on auto will not allow headlights to come on, parking lights do work however.and sensor on dash has been replaced.They did work for a short time now they don't.If you turn the switch to on they work .My concern is the headlights failing in that position also.Any ideas what might be wrong.I thought it might be the switch but I feel it is another issue.

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Did you get this problem resolved? Was there a problem with the headlight switch?
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Thanks for the response. Sounds like a loose wire/connection in the dash. I guess as long as there's a workable solution it will be ok. I would try jiggling the headlight switch, or tapping on it to see if it might be a bad connection in the switch.
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No still a problem. When you hit the dash they seem to work.