headlights on 2005 Buick LaCrosse

high beam only, replaced bulb, not the problem. low beam lights will not come on. been checked, not in headlight what could problem be?

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#35 in black box under hood. Solid state power supply for lights has failed.
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You will need to check for power at the sockets when the switch for low beam is activated. If there is no power, you will need to get a wiring diagram and start back testing the wires to see where the voltage drop occurs. It could be a switch issue, for example.

To get some wiring diagrams, you could sign up at one of these following two web sites:

If you acquire your own access to either ALLDATA or Mitchell One repair manuals you can get wiring diagrams that you will need to follow to check the wiring.
Have checked at low beam lights. No voltage. Power goes through multifunction switch. Bulbs are new and fuses are good. Power leaves switch and goes into a module. Can't get any power out. Only thing affected is low beams. Everything else works.