headlight wont turn off on 1992 Buick LeSabre

i own a 92 lesabre. my headlights wont turn off period. the only way i can get them to go off is to disconnect my battery. can someone help me figure this out

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Are the headlights only on or do the park lights stay on also? Can you switch from high beam to low beam with the key off or are the headlights on in only one mode?
headlights only will turn off maybe 5 mins and turn off in cold weather
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how do i turn off on my 1992 buick lesabre head light wont turn off?
do yo have automatic lights with off time delay? if so, the switch to the left of the steering wheel where you adjust the time delay are the manual on/off push buttons.

ours will accidentally get "pushed" during routine detailing and get stuck in that position. the only way i have found to turn ours off when this occurs is to take the trim off, take the switch assembly apart and this releases the button assembly.

once or twice doing this and you become very careful not to hit the push buttons!!!
iwill try let you know
You probably need a New Twilight switch the Light will turn off after like 20 minutes, or if not at all then it is probably the switch spring . mine is doing the same but shuts off after 12 - 20 minutes. take it to a dealer and ask that the switch be replaced and ask if you can watch and or Buy another switch from the Dealer