HEADLIGHT REPAIR on 2007 Buick Lucerne

How do I remove the headlight assembly to enable me to replace a bulb?

Asked by for the 2007 Buick Lucerne
why would you need to remove the headlight assembly? the
bulb can be accessed from the rear of the assembly.
Not on my car. You can barely SEE one of the bulbs, let alone get a hand down there.
The easiest way i found is to unhook the air filter and pop the 3 clips and two screws on it also you will need to unplug the wiring to it, There is also 2 screws in the ends of the filter box. when you get those undone turn it up on its side and you will have plenty of room to reach the lights. Buick made a bad design when they built this car. All the manuals tell you to take the fender cover off but you cant reach it with your hand and i had a service tech tell me that i had to take the bumper cover off and the headlight assembly out....this was a joke. An old auto tech told me about the air filter and it took me about 20 min. Hope this helps ..... maybe for next time. :-)