headlight leveling on 2004 Lexus ES330

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I get a flashing warning light for the headlight leveling system. Is there a way to determine which headlight is the problem. Also what needs to be replaced and est. cost.
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These are fairly complex systems, and would require an inspection to determine the problem, then an estimate could be given. oops, just saw the date of your post, did you get this resolved?
Hi maybe you can help me aswell... I have the same problem the light is on for the headlighy leveling system and when unchecked if they move they don't ... When I remove the fuse that controls The lights on the doors and lights on the dash .. It's a ecu ebu fuse not ign ecu though..well then the leveling oirks the lights move and all ... But then my vsc light goes on stability light goes on... When I put the fuse back in the lights go off but the leveling again does not work and lights don't move .... Please help