Pontiac Firebird Problem Report

Pontiac Firebird Head light door actuators may fai

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The head light door actuators may fail causing the head lights to become stuck in the raised or lowered position.

heard the sound of a motor on passenger side after closing the headlights. Found it to be the headlight actuator. Hope I don't need one for the drivers side given the pricey repair. -
I have had to replace both sides 3 times as the actuator motor gears are made of plastic and not metal. Each side cost a total of $300 and $85 an hour labor X 3 hours. -
this happened again at 56,000 was repired the first time by gm second time had to fix myself luckly found metal gear to fix permanently you can find them on ebay -
Replaced gear several times & turned gear. -
drivers window and headlight -
Gear stripped out. The motor runs but the headlight will not move. -
Small arms that control light body bent and stopped working at 75,000 miles on one side -
plastic gears failed on head light door motor -
Motor failed bougt a new one and replaced -
Actuator went bad replace with new -
both sides failed at different times and were repaired under warranty. -
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