Headligh replacement on 2009 GMC Yukon Denali

What is the procedure for headlight replaceement?

Here are the steps, sorry there are no pictures:

Remove the 2 forward wheelhouse liner screws.
Remove the 2 washer container push pins.
Open the hood.
Remove the 6 upper fascia bolts right to the hood latch mechanism.
Remove the lower rear fascia bolt from the support bracket.
Loosen the 2 fascia to fender bolts from under the fascia.
Pull the outboard end of the front fascia straight outboard until it disengages from the fender attachment bracket.
Pull the fascia forward and downward to allow enough clearance to remove the headlamp assembly.
Loosen the lower outboard attachment bolts.
Remove the 2 upper headlamp bolts.
Grasp the headlamp at the upper inboard and lower outboard side and pull the headlamp forward to disengage the locating tab.
Pull the outboard side of the headlamp forward until the 2 locating pins disengage from the radiator support.
Disconnect the forward lamp harness connector.

Basically you must move the front fascia out of the way in order to remove the headlight assembly.