headlamp switch replacement on 2001 Ford F-150

How do I get to the headlamp switch to replace it? Does the small dash panel insert simply "pop" out somehow to get to the switch? If so, how do I get it out?

Asked by for the 2001 Ford F-150
This headlight switch should be replaced like many of the older trucks and that means you have to be able to access it from the rear. There is a small spring loaded button that releases the light switch knob and shaft from the switch, ( you have to rotate the knob, depress the button, then pull on the knob and it [know and shaft]should come out. it takes a few tries to get it and the lights will be on, so you might want to disconnect the battery before doing this). Once that is removed, you loosen the chrome trim that is threaded into the switch. As you loosen the chrome trim the light switch should start to drop. once loose it should fall towards the floor and you should have enough room to unplug the connector from the light switch. Once you install the new switch you will need to get the knob/shaft assembly to click into the new switch,(at that time the lights will be turned off) make sure you line it up and heard (or feel ) the click, if you don't the knob will pull out when you try to turn on the lights. Good luck.