2005 Nissan Altima Q&A

2005 Nissan Altima Question: headgasket

White smoke coming out of tail pipe. Does that mean I have a blown headgasket? Last year had a leak in radiator, put in something to stop the leak. -
Answer 1
Are you losing and having to add coolant? It could just be normal exhaust vapor condensing. -
Comment 1
Yes I have to add coolant when the heat or ac is used. -
Comment 2
Sounds like a possible head gasket. Have a local shop do a block check to see if you have exhaust gasses in the coolant to confirm. -
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...with 154000 miles, and it needs a new motor. Should I replace the motor or not? I replace the headgasket and it only last about eight months. That cost was 1700.00 What should I do?