Head lights go out unexspectedly and randomly come back on
on 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis

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When they go off i have to hold the lever on bright for then to work
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Common on this vehicle! You need this; Dorman part # 599-200 that will fix this problem!! About $75.00. Call the parts store!! It's a repair for the lighting control module which is your trouble!! I've fixed several with this that had the same exact trouble, it's NOT the switch's, it''s the module and this will fix it!
Potwin KS,, really.......
Ford denied a problem with the lighting control module for years. Last month I finally got a letter from them stating they are extending the warranty for this part. Check with your local Ford dealer for details.
It is the lighting control module... had the same problem and there is now a customer satisfaction repair being done through ford motor company at your local dealer to repair it. If you have already had it repaired at your local dealer you may be able to get a refund. Came out in April of 2014. Contact your local Ford Dealer.