head light switch on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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I have a 2002 limited PT cruiser, 61.000 miles. the head light just starting turning on by themselfs, when the car is shut off the light are on and the warning bell does not ring. I also have not turned on the lights they just come on by themselfs
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I had this problem. Just get it replaced. With mine, the fog lights would come on (and in some cases I've heard headlights will too) and it would then drain the battery and my car would be deader than a doornail, no amount of jumping would get it going. At first we just thought it was the battery, so we replaced it, then two days later the car was dead again.

Just replace the whole headlight switch. This thing supposedly wears out over time.
I want to thank Anonymous, you were right, I ended up replacing the switch. it saved a lot of grief, I did think I was loosing my mind at first, knowning I did not turn them on, the funneset part was not being able to turn them off. but thanks again. :) Happt PT cruiser owner.