2001 Lexus LS430 Q&A

2001 Lexus LS430 Question: Head light issue

A few months back my right low beam stopped working. Had an aftermarket bulb installed and it continues to function OK. My driver side low beam began to go out recently. At first I noticed that if I turned the lights off and back on, it worked for 1-2 minutes but then went out. Most recently, it has quit working altogether. Is the solution to replace with a new bulb also? If so, any recomendations on what make to purchase. The replacement I had installed was priced at $142 (a steal when compared to dealer pricing of $424)however, I see that there are several NEW HID bulbs available for much less. -
Answer 1
Yes replace the bulb with a aftermarket bulb probably should use the same brand as the right hand side if possible so the lights are uniform -
Answer 2
my passenger low beam light bulb sometimes does not come on. I have to turn the lights off and on a few times before the light comes on. What could be the problem -
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