head light house disassembly on 1995 Ford F-250

i want to replace the head light housing on my 95 ford f250

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Takes about an hour. REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Headlamp Assembly Removal

1.Remove radiator air deflector from radiator support.

1.Remove two screws and two nuts retaining headlamp door (13064).

1.Pull headlamp door from vehicle. Remove three bulbs and sockets.

1.Disconnect engine control sensor wiring (12A581) from headlamp bulb (13007).

1.Remove two retainers attaching upper two attachments of headlamp (13008).

1.Turn horizontal headlamp adjusting screw (13032) completely out of the adjusting nut.

1.Pull headlamp from vehicle.


1.Follow removal procedures in reverse order.

1.Tighten screws to 1.4-2.3 Nm (13-20 lb-in). Tighten nuts to 4-7 Nm (36-61 lb-in).
Just take your time.