head gasket repair/o.b.d diagnostic reset on 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

I Have two problems first one is the need to replace a head gasket and need a good local mechanic. The next problem is my vw jetta glx vr6 does not pass the smog inspection. it barely passes the emissions part and their computer does not make contact with my computer. No o.b.d tests are confirmed so it does not pass the diagnostics part.I've tried reseting it by driving it all over hells creation but still nothing

with a blown head gasket, you probably have codes set. clearing it does not fix anything. you need a shop that can acces or find the reason why they are not talking.

i know resetting the codes does nothing for the head gasket repair. and the car starts up fine no smoke or anything . nobody can tell me why there is no communication
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If it starts up fine and there is no smoke, why do you need to replace the head gasket?
What are the symptoms?

if you do need a head gasket go to the dealer.these v6 motors are a nightmare to work on.i cant even find a manual for this car.and parts are hard to get and very pricey.