head gasket repair on 2001 Saab 9-5

I have a pin hole leak in the head gasket. When the car is cold it will send vapor out the front toward the radiator, but when the engine is fully heated, it only bubbles a little bit. Has anyone tried any of the additives such as, Steel Seal, Blue Devil, or Thermagasket? Is an additive worth a try, or might it cause some other level of engine problem? Do I really need to have a full head gasket replacement now.

by in Grand Rapids, MI on December 02, 2009
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ANSWER by on December 02, 2009
I've used BLUE DEVIL and it works. I really am not a believer in a "mechanic in a bottle", I personally have used this product. I have fix 8 cars with blown head gsakets. If it does not work there's a money back guarantee on it. It does not mess up the engine. It stays suspended in in the coolant. It only seals when exposed to air. IT DOES WORK!!!!
ANSWER by on May 31, 2010
I just used steel seal and it clogged my system so bad it blow out both my head gaskets! You should have a good mechanic retorque your head bolts. This will work most of the time. I am a marine mechanic and I would try this first in your situation. Good luck in finding a good mechanic! David
COMMENT by on June 01, 2010
Thankyou. I will pursue that.
ANSWER by on January 06, 2011
Hi tpier, Its a little late, but for anyone else with 4 cylinder Saab 9-3s and 9-5s, this is classic headgasket failure. But, its not really that bad because the repair for external coolant or oil leaks in an engine that runs normally otherwise (like no smoke from the tailpipe) is to re-torque the head bolts. You have to remove the DIC and then the valve cover. Once you've got the head bolts exposed, one at a time, loosen and then tighten to 45 foot pounds and then tighten it an additional 90 degrees. You have to do this in a certain order, though. This is a very common problem with Saabs. If you search in Saab forums you can find the order. Good luck! Regards, Ben Pender Klassic Autos Madison, AL
COMMENT by on April 02, 2013
how about a new remaufactured engine? does it require retorqued cylinder heads after break-in period? I did see some real small traces of coolant from the head gasket! thanks
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