Head Gasket quick fix fluid? on 1993 Ford Taurus

My Taurus will start and run (rough) with water billowing out the tailpipe. Head Gasket problem. A friend mentioned there is a product I could use like a sealant to fix the problem and maybe get another year or two out of the car. What might this product be and what would it entail? No water in oil.

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Steel Seal is the product. Google them for web sight. Really works.
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These products could help with a temporary solution, but also could create lot more problem in long term. Even thought manufacturers of the additives claims it won't clog anything else beside the area where it leaks, but in reality they do clog passages of the cooling and heating system, creating a higher repair cost than the original head gasket replacement.

I have a vague memory that this particular motor was plagued by either a head gasket issue or warped heads.Both would give the same symptom.Better to speak to someone familiar with this motor before assuming the issue is the gasket and proceeding in that direction.
to find out try this and maybe save a GRAND...

K&W Block Sealer WERX ! most cases... my 77 inline six blw a head gasket in phoenix and this stuff is AWESOME. be sure to COMPLETELY flush ALL COOLANT ! then fill with H2O and K&W Block Sealer (available at Wally World $7.99) then drive 500 miles, flush and add coolant 50/50.

learned this trick from HonestJimtheMechanic... NOT THE MANUFACTURERS DIRECTIONS... but it worked.. after about 20-30 min idling the white smoke stopped... but be sure to change the oil if it's milky before driving and realize there is NO FREEZING PROTECTION, so what i did, living in Santa Fe was to drain the juice into bottles and store in house at room temp then refil radiator in am. This keeps from freezing in 20 degree nights.