Head gasket question! on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500

have a 3.9 V6 engine that they say needs a head gasket changewd. I need to know how much this should cost. Also if they check and the head is cracked how much would that cost to fix. My Email is Thanks John

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According to the estimator link at repairpal home page it can range between $820 to $1050 depending on where you live. Also, I did not find a 3.9 engine option for a Ram2500 but did for a Ram1500. As far as the cracked head(s) that would be up to the machine shop, may be able to repair what you got or may have to replace. Bear in mind that estimates are just that (estimates) and not quotes, typically find other needs as tear down is done. I used to live in K.C. and I know in your area they use salt on the roads in the winter so you can count on broken bolts and studs when disassemble the exhaust for removal and other affected components. Good luck.