head gasket problem or not on 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

I recently had a intake gasket replaced do to a oil leak. and had noticed a couple weeks later that i had a loud air intake hose leak and as soon as the hose was replaced and the engine was started white smoke started coming out. I was then told that by replacing the intake gasket could have blown the head gasket because of added pressure. there was also coolant coming out of the vacume hose that was replaced is all this possible the blazer ran fine before the intake problem fix. thanks tim

by in Flint, MI on April 03, 2011
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ANSWER by on April 03, 2011
Sounds like you have a mechanic the is full of excuses. Intake gasket replacement, is not going to add enough pressure, to blow the head gaskests. Vacuum hoses should have been checked and noted or replaced, with the gasket repair. coolent would only enter the vacuum hoses through the intake. Either gaskets didn't seal or hoses were put back on wrong. Sounds like he is trying to cover his tracks to get paid again for doing a poor job. Have him do a compression test of all cylinders in your pressence, to show you low compression in the cylinders that have blown the head gasket.
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