Head gasket-oil leak on 1997 Volvo 850

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about,a week ago i noticed i had milky-glue type substince while i was checking my oil because my volvo was driving different and rattling when i was stoped at a red light,other symptoms were a week ago were kind of loss of power as well.Idont know much about cars and i dont have alot of money and i need help.i was told it was probably my head gasket and i heard thats going to cost 2,000-2,500.well i dont have that kind of money and im trying to save my car,so i bought the BLUE DEVIL,and followed the directions and it has not worked,thats if it is my head gasket? The night i put the blue devil in when i drove home it over heated and leaked all my cooliant? So the i thought it was my water pump then,Then MAGICALLY the next morning it wasnt over heating any more or losing colliant? So i thought maybe blue devil was working..Well two days ago,i noticed my volvo started hesitating to the point i thought it was going to die.And i have very little power now and also its leaking OIL! PLEASE HELP me guys,i dont know what this is and also i dont want to get ripped off,and most importantly i want to know if my volvo 850 is even worth saving at this point.I just bought the car and I love it.. If anyone out there that has any information for me I would be grateful.. THANK YOU.

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Sorry to say this, but looks like it's too late for a head gasket job and the whole engine needs to be rebuilt. Oil won't be able to lubricate internal parts after it mixed with water/coolant. It will be a lot cheaper to replace the engine with a used one than rebuild it. See if you can find one with possible low mileage. These engines can handle a lot, but not everything.