Head Gasket & intake manifold on 1999 GMC Savana 1500

Head gasket is blown. If I had an intake manifold that was leaking before the head gasket issue, wouldn't this be fixed simply by redoing the headgasket & getting the seal back? Mechanic is saying it will be another $400 to do manifold.

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I to had a similiar issue with a friends truck. The crankcase filled with coolant from the engine block. I immediately assumed a head gasket was blown. I tore into the engine to find that the head gaskets were in good shape and not blown. After searching for the source of the leak I noticed that the intake manifold gasket had failed (blown) and caused the leak. I could have saved a lot of money simply by checking the manifold gasket. These Chevy engines are notorious for intake manifold issues. Before dumping a bunch of money into head gaskets I strongly suggest taking a closer look at the intake manifold gasket before digging too deep into the cylinder heads. Many times the head gaskets are not blown and you can save a ton of money and repair the engine as well. Good Luck!
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The intake manifold gaskets would be replaced when they replace the cylinder head gasket. If the intake manifold is damaged and has to be replaced that wuold be an extra charge.